Katie Kristine Pech, born November 19th, 1981 in Independence, Iowa died suddenly on Wednesday, March 8th, 2006.

Katie was a devoted mother and was pursuing a degree in graphic design while working as a snowboard instructor and selling clothing and posters featuring her artwork. Following her heart and love of nature, she resided in a small cabin in the mountains along the Arkansas River where she enjoyed sage scented winds and sunny, snowy mornings.

Quick to smile, Katie always emerged from life's brambles with a rose. Her infectious laughter, grace and compassion made her cherished by all who knew her.

Katie is survived by her four and half year old son, Nova Ryan Meek and her immediate family: brother James (Anchorage, AK), sister Mahalie (Seattle, WA), father Don (Red Oak, IA), uncle Jim (Polk City, IA), and grandparents Don and Rhody (Lamont, IA). All Pechs.

Visitation was Tuesday, March 14th from 6 -8 pm at Fawcett's Funeral Home in Lamont, IA; Katie's funeral was held at 1:00 pm at First Baptist Church in Lamont.

We have recieved many, many supportive words from friends of Katie's all over the country:

"[...I remember that...] Katie was much more mature and insightful, I felt, than the traditional students, and this made much sense to me when she told me she had a son (Nova was 2 at the time). One day, she brought pictures of Nova to class: he was at some kind of fair or carnival, and the pictures depicted him smiling and happy in the sun. Katie seemed so proud of him; she simply lit up as we admired her boy's exuberant face and bright eyes.
I also remember a day in class when Katie corrected another student on the definition of the word "impeach" (we were speaking of Bill Clinton). She corrected the student, who was clearly misinformed, but she did so with grace and tact. Katie was articulate and poised, I remember, too. I will miss her dearly."-Sarah Treschl, Writing Program, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

"[This contribution to Nova's fund was] collected here at Bongo Billy's Salida Cafe by co-workers, friends, and community members in Salida who knew and loved Katie Pech. Please accept our condolences on your loss. During the brief time we knew Katie, she was light and laughter, hard work and good friendship to us all." -Owners: Paul Ilecki and Clark Roberts

Katie's logo design for Down Low Designs"I met katie just a year ago; she has been in my life and thoughts daily. I am a partner of down Low designs, we are artists out of Long Beach, CA. [Katie and I] were talking one day; within 24 hours she sent me an amazing design. Katie's art was our first collaborative piece within an outside artist." -Natalie Faris

I worked with Katie at Good Sam in Red Oak, Iowa. She was like no one else I have ever met. She was only a year older than me but she was so wise and inspiring in her youthfulness. She wasn't just someone you meet everyday, she was special. It's hard to put into words the impact that Katie had on my life in just our short friendship. -Brianna Schroeder (aka Bri Govig)

"I am so sorry to see Katie gone. I knew her while working at Cottonwood Hot Springs. She always had a smile for whoever she met while she was here. Never heard a bad comment come from her. My children loved to play with Her and Nova when everyone was there for either work or just showing up. I will miss her so much." -Jenn, Tyler and Emily

"Katie was a very sweet girl, and very smart too. She had a lot to offer this world,and I will miss her too. I can remember driving in my car jamming out to a rap CD and her and I would take turns on the different verses." -Daphne Eisenbraun of Gillette, WY

"Katie was a great friend in high school. She was the new girl in school, which is always rough...but Katie's smile and personality made it so easy to like her. She was so talented in her art it still blows my mind to think of some of the things Katie did. She was mature beyond her years and I will miss her very much. I am greatful that I got to know Katie." -Ronda Allen of Red Oak, IA